Kerplunk Quilt

I mentioned a post or two back that when the weather improved I'd get a photo of my Are You Game? quilt in the Kerplunk colour way.

This quilt was a Mystery Quilt subscription from The Modern Quilt Club run by Lisa and the quilt was designed by Sheila Christensen - as it is a mystery quilt the overall design was a secret right up until the final box. Each month pre-cut pieces and instructions arrive to sew together and make the 'clues' to store until finally the binding fabric and the instructions for how to join all the clues together arrives and the quilt top can be completed and the design revealed. 

There has been plenty of progress with this quilt top as it was layered up and basted on Sunday afternoon and then quilting began that same evening.

A couple of birthdays ago I received this book about walking foot quilting designs, it's fantastic and opens up so many different options beyond the basic cross-hatching and slightly wavy lines that I would always fall back on. After a good browse through I opted for the triangle meander design which uses the reverse stitch function on the machine to reduce the need to move the quilt around so much when stitching. I was concerned that reversing might cause tucks on the backing but whether it was down to this technique or the basting or just pure fluke it didn't tuck once (and my seam ripper was redundant for once)! It took a few hours - maybe 4 or 5 to complete it (with tea breaks and choosing films to have on in the background etc) and I think if I had had the sense to fit the knee-lift it would have been quicker still.

So it's now fully quilted, squared up and has had the binding attached to front so just hand-sewing the binding to the back is left to do. I promised myself that I can't add any more quilt tops to the pile to be quilted so this one has leap-frogged them all and is nearly done. Posting about it on here really helped to motivate me so I might do a post about glossing the skirting boards to see if it has the same effect...

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