Behind the Scenes

I'll be totally honest and say that my workshop at the bottom of the garden is not always the most organised of workspaces. Whilst the glazed folding doors are pretty and let in lots of light sometimes the view through them from outside makes me half wish they were solid wood! Cutting furry fabric is not the neatest of activities and combined with all of my boxes of sock it can get a little labyrinth-y in here. A sale over the forthcoming bank holiday weekend to help clear some stock is just common this space or sign up for the newsletter for further info!

Most of last weekend was spent re-organising the workshop as I had a photographer coming round today from my local newspaper and with a new kit launch on Natasha Makes this Friday it needed to be organised and functioning well for both. So I thought whilst it's looking its best I would take some photos and show where all the Two Owls kits come together!

This is the 'work' side'. I love it when it looks like this, it's such a nice space to work in and with a podcast on and a sharp rotary cutter blade I can spend hours in here happily chopping and folding fabric. There's an electric heater to warm it up in the winter and the doors can be thrown open to cool it down in the summer.

The industrial machine in here doesn't see that much use at the moment as I like to make my kit samples on my domestic Elna so that I can be confident that they are accessible for home sewists but every now and then it's great for some speed sewing.

This is the 'storage' side.

There isn't actually anything in that fridge and it's just being stored in here temporarily - and I can't wait to reclaim that bit of space!

So there we have it, it's not a long tour but this is the nerve-centre of my little business!


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